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WhatsApp Plus Red latest version 2021

WhatsApp Plus Red latest version 2021 Download

WhatsApp Plus Red Download 8.80 Apk Last version 2021

WhatsApp Plus Red Download is one of the versions of WhatsApp Gold. As the gold version, this version includes all the official WhatsApp functions, as well as other functions, such as hiding your online status and saving the status of friends. We need to mention that this version is an anti-ban , You can download WhatsApp Plus Red Download from the ad for free and enjoy all the features it contains.

Download WhatsApp Red Development

The latest Whatsapp Red version: Copy and download (save) the download status and advanced settings (privacy) related to the appearance of the mask.

WhatsApp Gold has been updated in response to the ban. After the development team encountered many problems when using the new version, especially after temporarily banning the use of these versions, Golden users and fans have been waiting for it and implemented the version. Check and try carefully. The new features include all the features of Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus Reborn, as well as other new features, including hiding secret conversations, uploading videos with a status of more than 30 seconds, restoring deleted messages and 20 other enhancements previously added. The feature of the golden genealogy is that there is no T-ad during the transcription process, and many functions will be added to WhatsApp Gold in the future.

WhatsApp Red Review:

Do you use WhatsApp for daily messaging and calls? Why not use WhatsApp Red? Don’t you know? Don’t worry, let us find out together.

We all like to chat with relatives. This is why there are so many messaging applications (such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, etc.). In any case, for what reason does WhatsApp consistently figure out how to remain ahead? Yes, it has millions of users. Therefore, this clearly shows the trust and love for WhatsApp.

Understand the changing trend of this preference. Experts, namely Android developers, have developed a broad or alternative version of the most commonly used messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp Red is the new locally generated version of your WhatsApp.

Why is it necessary to create it?

You must consider this issue. So let us find out why. There is no uncertainty that the first WhatsApp is a more secure and more secure application. But why are there any other versions of WhatsApp? Such as WhatsApp TM or WhatsApp Plus.

Usually, native applications need to restrict their user interface options. Due to data security risks. But we don’t always like it. Therefore, in this case, native applications like WhatsApp Red have become popular. It allows you to enjoy more fun than the original application.

WhatsApp Red Edition APK Mod

WhatsApp Red/WhatsApp Rouge/WhatsApp Roji/WhatsApp Edition Apk is a magnificent application for Android clients. This is the most amazing WhatsApp application. Some new PNG files from Red.

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded and used applications in the world, and there are many extensions designed to extend the functionality of chat and instant messaging applications, which no one can overcome: Telegram, LINE, Signal, Kick, Facebook Messenger…may be popular on some sites, but not very close to WhatsApp, which has more than a billion active users worldwide.


. Back up emails, open Whatsapp, and go to: Settings>Chat Settings>Chat Backup
2. Download WhatsApp Red Edition from the connection beneath
3. Uninstall the original Whatsapp from the phone. (Else, you won’t have the option to introduce this adaptation)
4. Install WhatsApp Red Edition.

Basic version: 2.12.451.0

To install Whatsapp Red Edition v3.0 apk, you do not need root. The base android working framework for this APK is Android 2.1.x (ECLAIR_MR1), and the objective is Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1).Whatsapp Red Edition v3.0 apk can support small screen, regular screen and large screen.

Features Whatsapp plus red 

Change program format, change program icon and notification.
Send photos in red high resolution on Whatsapp.
Don’t call anyone or everyone you want.
Show anyone in the group message separate from other members’ messages.
If your friend changes his profile photo, the program will send you an alert.
There are more features.

Whatsapp is red
Advantages of downloading Red WhatsApp from the direct link Abu Arab download development

Whats Red Messenger App: When deleting messages, you can only delete private messages, or only messages from groups or everyone.
Update to Whatsapp Store version
The tray automatically exceeds 30 seconds
Solve the problem that the program crashes when changing the font
Solve the problem that the program icon disappears during the update.
When you click on WhatsApp, return to the option to prevent the hidden conversation from opening
One-click sharing website
It is easier to select a message and send it to multiple contacts
When you are unable to chat, please use “Quick Reply” to leave a message or reply to template questions.
Ability to cancel multiple messages at once
Ability to easily copy text status in contacts
Remove the “read more” label to get long messages and more information.
You can conduct conference calls with group members
If you select messages sent in the group, you can reply to the sender privately
Fixed a crash when trying to search for features
Solve other problems
Activate tags You can now download and use tag tags in chat.
(Proprietary) Add a link if someone reviews @you or responds to your message in the group.
(Proprietary) If mail is forwarded, it will not appear on the other end.
The ability to answer calls has been developed, so you can turn it off without showing the other party that the phone is ringing and appears to be connected.
(Private) Add option 1.2.2 You can easily copy any part of the message.
You would now be able to swipe the message from left to option to answer.
Activate this function to save the reading position, because when you open the previous conversation, the position will be displayed immediately, and when you enter the conversation again, the conversation will stop on a certain word.
Activate the conference call function.
Activate the image function in the image.
Added option 6.8 to set the notification time after pressing the deleted message.
Support changing the theme of the sticker section.
Fixed the issue of displaying hidden conversations on the call screen.
Fixed 6.15 square image option.
Solve the problem of searching topics.
Other fixes.


To hide the last time you saw the information, go to “Red Add”, then go to “Privacy”, and finally choose who saw you last time.
Download WhatsApp Red Plus
Hide last appearance
Hide read receipts: Only when you re-chat, it will show up as a red WhatsApp, and other people will see that you have seen their message.
Prevent deletion of messages so that others cannot delete their messages from the chat.
Observe their status without your friends knowing.
WhatsApp Red 2021 APK
Hide watch status
If someone deletes its status, it will not be deleted on your WhatsApp plus
Hide the “input” indicator in the chat.
Close the application, whether using fingerprints, patterns or pins, please pay attention to the following images:
The latest version of WhatsApp Red
App lock
General characteristics
Change the background color and status bar color, go to “Red Add”, then go to “Widgets” and choose what you want to change.
Watt Red Plus 2021
Change background color
To automatically reply to the message, go to “Red Add” and “Auto Reply” in turn, and then type the desired reply.
Download WhatsApp Plus Red APK 2021
Auto answer
Close the Internet only from the application by clicking the Internet icon.
WhatsApp red apk latest version 2021
Turn off the network
To add the status for more than 30 seconds, please go to “Red Add”, then to “Multimedia Settings”, and choose to increase the status to 5 minutes.
WhatsApp Plus 2021 red
Longer mode
For a conference call, select “Conference” from “Phone”, and then select the people you want to add to the conference call.
Whatsapp is red
Group call
Click the crescent icon to activate the dark mode, see the image below.
Download red WhatsApp
Dark mode
Other copies of the developer:
Download WhatsApp Gold.
Download WhatsApp Plus Blue.

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