WhatsApp Mix Apk

WhatsApp Mix Apk


Today, social networks are becoming more and more popular. People share media, watch videos and get welcome in various social apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging app designed to send audio and video files while chatting. WhatsApp works much faster than other messaging apps and is a great way to communicate with people all over the world.

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App NameWhatsApp Mix
Current VersionV8.40
File Size56MB
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Today, social networks are popular. People can share media on different social apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, watch videos and enjoy popular trends.WhatsApp is an informing application intended to send sound and video documents during discussions..

Compared to other messaging apps, WhatsApp works very quickly and is a good way to communicate with people around the world, and some of the privacy policies that WhatsApp provides limit its use. In addition to the actual features, the latest version of WhatsApp (called WhatsApp Mix Apk) also offers many new option and features.

Features of WhatsApp Mix APK

Multiple accounts

WhatsApp provides users with multiple accounts. This means that you can add more numbers in one WhatsApp and enjoy different accounts. With a mobile app, he can create three accounts at the same time.

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Backup function

The best thing about allowing WhatsApp on your phone is to keep your conversations and media safe. With this smart app, you can backup your chat history very easily. You can use this backup feature to save your contacts, details, photos and other files.

Online Appearance

You can keep the theme online visible every time. This means that if your phone screen is locked or not using WhatsApp, this feature will keep you online.

Hide the hadith

WhatsApp Mix Apk allows users to hide chats without deleting them. With this excellent app, you can keep your conversations confidential and secure. You can lock the chat application mode and open it through the mode. These pending privacy features are not available in any other similar messaging apps. This way, you can keep your business and official conversations confidential in WhatsApp Mix Apk.

Do not interrupt

DND indicates “Do Not Disturb”. When your smartphone is connected to WIFI or mobile data, this option will disconnect WhatsApp from the internet. Simply enable DND mode for WhatsApp Mix Apk and use other apps very easily. DND won’t show you WhatsApp notifications, from which you can watch videos, series and movies on your phone very easily without disturbing WhatsApp notifications. This feature can help you when you are angry with someone.

Download stories and status

WhatsApp Mix Apk allows its users to save the status and stories of others on their phones. No need to ask others to upload videos or pictures as they are. Just use the story download function, all media can be used safely on the phone without any problems.

Custom application icons

WhatsApp Mix Apk also has another interesting feature where you can change the app icon according to your choice. You can change the design of the notification bar, and you can add the desired colors and patterns. This way, when WhatsApp Mix Apk is on your phone, you can hide it.

View others online

With WhatsApp Mix Apk, you can view others online without showing yourself to others. This is a very amazing feature, with which you can see who is using WhatsApp without letting them know you.

Great movie

You can use WhatsApp Mix Apk to share videos over 20MB. The original WhatsApp cannot use this feature, which limits the size to 20MB. Use WhatsApp Mix Apk to share bigger videos directly with others.

More photos

WhatsApp allows users to only send 30 photos in one round. In the case of WhatsApp Mix Apk, you can send 90 photos in one round. This feature is not only great, but also saves time.


Use the theme function to add different colors and themes to the WhatsApp Mix Apk interface. This feature allows you to change the chat color and apply different themes to make WhatsApp unique and elegant.

More options

You can use WhatsApp Mix Apk to change the color of white and blue hash tags, you can download new themes and stickers, and you can resend multiple lines of messages by hiding the sending time. All these features make WhatsApp Mix Apk more enjoyable in all aspects.

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