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WhatsApp is a text and voice messaging app that was launched in 2009. Since then, it has been surprisingly popular due to its functionality and flexibility. As a free service, Whatsapp Download allows to send messages and calls on desktop and mobile devices.
Part of what makes the app attractive is that it can run on different phone and computer operating systems, which helps messaging. It can also use Wi-Fi and cellular data to make personal or group calls.

whatsapp download
whatsapp download

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App NameWhatsapp Messenger ApkVersion2.20.191OP SystemAndroidCategoryMessagingRatings4.5File Size28.36MBAuthorWhatsapp IncLast Update                  1 Days Ag

Most of the same, great functions

This WhatsApp download for your computer is very similar to mobile and internet versions. It saves most of the operations you expect to see and implement, but is now on a bigger screen.

You can visit, send and get photographs or different reports. The app also provides functionality to create and manage groups and change your personal information.

Real time synchronization
After installing this software, you will have to use your mobile device to scan the QR code. This is similar to WhatsApp Web. After that, your device will be synced and you can start chatting from laptop or desktop.

Although the app is similar to the web version, you can access chat without opening a web browser, which is great. By adjusting the settings, you can access the program more easily so that you can receive local desktop notifications.

The problem is that you need to maintain a constant connection with your phone. If your mobile device is dead, you cannot log in to the desktop version.

Other programs (such as LINE) provide a one-time password method. This will ensure the safety of your messages, but it will not affect the desktop experience even when the phone is out of power.

Chat better, faster and more comfortable
In general, the connection speed through the computer is faster, so the file transfer speed is faster, and the message can be delivered quickly.

For many people, not only is the screen larger and easier to see on the eyes, but chatting on a computer keyboard is also faster and more comfortable.

Like other versions, this chat app allows you to manage groups of up to 256 people at one time. You can also name the group or customize the notification. These are useful for planning activities or professional settings.

Effortless desktop chatting

For those who do a lot of work on a computer all day long and don’t want to worry about having to switch between devices, Whatsapp Download for Windows download is the right choice. Our only hope in the future is that we will be able to enjoy the app without calling a mobile phone.

Despite some minor issues and missing features, the desktop version of this world-famous messaging app is comfortable and reasonably designed. Once the app runs independently without plugging in a mobile device, it should be downloaded for all Whatsapp Download users using Windows PC.

If you’ve downloaded the latest version of the desktop app, as long as your device is running at least Windows 10, you can access seamless messaging. For best results, Whatsapp Download recommends that your computer also have a built-in keyboard and mouse and camera.

WhatsApp for PC Free

We seem to understand more than ever the way smartphones and mobile apps make everything so easy. Since WhatsApp Incorporated introduced WhatsApp Messenger, we believe we have discovered the best unlimited form of calls and texts in the app.

This is very practical because you only need an internet connection to enjoy these features. Needless to say, we can have endless conversations during video and audio calls and send messages anywhere. Friends, family members, colleagues, and almost everyone we know are already using the app.

However, this is a problem, do you know what is missing?

Whatsapp Download is a free one-year service, as long as you are ready for 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi calling, everyone can experience video calls and voice calls from anywhere. It’s basically a free trial subscription, so you can get a good idea if WhatsApp is right for you.

After the free service expires, you can decide whether to continue to use the app and pay a subscription fee of $ 0.99 per year.

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