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GBWhatsapp Delta APK Download (Official) 5.2 Latest Version 2021

GBWhatsapp Delta APK Download (Official) 5.2 Latest Version 2021

GBWhatsapp Delta APK Download (Official) 5.2 Latest Version 2021

GBWhatsApp Delta is a new version of WhatsApp, created by GB WhatsApp Apk owner. In this app, GB WhatsApp mix adds some features, which makes it a great app.

DELTA GB WhatsApp is the new WhatsApp Mod. It is a modified APK of GBWhatsApp.

If you like WAMOD, you’ll definitely like GBWhatsApp Delta. The reason is simple, it comes from the WAMOD-style WAMOD developers.

Delta brand new GBWhatsApp has 100% different UI than GBWA, YoWhatsApp, etc. Therefore, this WhatsApp mod apk is fun for everyone.

WhatsApp has become a very popular messaging app with nearly 1.5 million monthly active users. But the problem with this app is that it lacks many dedicated features. As a result, the lack of functionality can frustrate some users. The lack of functionality is the reason why users and developers suggest their own version of WhatsApp mod. Today, we will introduce you to a mod called GBWhatsApp DELTA. It is an updated version of another mod called GBWhatsApp.

In this article, we will guide you step by step to understand the functions at GBWhatsApp DELTA. Before we get into more details, you can check out other WhatsApp mods on Soft GOZA.

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Installation of Delta WhatsApp Apk

Delta WhatsApp Apk is a third-party app. It is not available on Google Play Store. You can download the apk from the URL on the Delta WhatsApp official page.

First, go to the settings of your Android phone and select the “Privacy” option from here
Enable Unknown Sources option for successful installation of Delta WhatsApp Apk
Connect your phone to the internet and search the official Delta WhatsApp Apk page
You can find download options here.
Click on the Apk file and save the file in the “Download” folder
Wait for the download to complete
After the download completes, run the application file and create an account on it.
You can now enjoy Delta WhatsApp

Basic Information of Delta WhatsApp

The actual name of this mode version of WhatsApp is Delta-GB WhatsApp Apk. Last updated January 2020. The APK file size is 34.84MB, you can use this Apk file in any android and window devices.

How To Install GB WhatsApp Delta APK On Android?

If you want to migrate from official WA, please make backup first, then install GB-DELTA WhatsApp.

First, download Delta-GB WhatsApp from our download page by clicking here.
After downloading the apk file completely, install it on your Android phone. (If necessary, please enable unknown sources)
After installing, open >> enter your phone number and verify. (In case of backup, restore chat)
Enjoy the unique user interface and all functions.

Main Features of GB Delta WhatsApp Apk

Delta WhatsApp is a modified version of GB WhatsApp, which adds many features.

Call Blocker: Allows the user to block the call without letting the other user know that you blocked the call. You can switch whether or not the ringtone is shown.
Stickers: Install any sticker app from Play Store and use it on DELTA GB chat.
WhatsApp Lock: Use password or other options to lock WhatsApp.
Send the original image without any pressure.
Auto reply and message scheduling.

Compatible with stickers and emojis

Delta WhatsApp allows you to easily use your favorite stickers and emojis with this Apk app. You can download hundreds of keyboards and stickers to your phone, and you can send them via Delta WhatsApp without problems.

Delete forwarded mail

Delta WhatsApp has a very interesting feature that no other app provides. You often see the label displayed as a forwarded message with the text sent by some conversations. In Delta WhatsApp, you can easily delete the word and forward any message easily

Conference calls and messages

You can configure multiple people without restrictions. Likewise, you can easily make video calls with multiple contacts using this incremental WhatsApp Apk.

Block prevention function

This function prevents users from being blocked. Delta WhatsApp is an Apk file that allows you to block it for free. You can use WhatsApp as desired, but there is a threat of blocking.

Data backup function

Delta WhatsApp is a smart application that will not completely delete your data from memory. A backup feature has been introduced in Delta WhatsApp which allows you to save the entire conversation without saving it to any other folder.

Change the icon

Delta WhatsApp Apk provides users with more than 35 icons so that they can change and modify the app icon on the home screen. This way, you can keep WhatsApp anonymous and confuse others about your smart app.

Call barring function

You can block any contact without letting them know. You can also choose whether to show the ring or not. You can easily and completely customize this feature with Delta WhatsApp.

Auto reply function

Simply connect the app to the internet to send messages automatically. To do this, you need to design a table, in which you must add the date, time and messages that should be sent. The smart app will automatically send the message to the specified contact without taking any further action.

Photos and videos

You can send pictures and videos to your contacts without reducing their quality. Delta WhatsApp allows users to send media as is, without any compression. Delta WhatsApp can send up to 50MB of videos and up to 100MB of audio files.

Story features

If you have Delta WhatsApp on your phone, you can upload a 7-minute video. No need to crop or crop the video to apply to status.

APK is safe and reliable

Although Delta WhatsApp is a third-party application and it can be considered that such applications bring malware to the device, delta WhatsApp is a 100% safe and reliable application that can be used on any device. Never display annoying ads, and never make annoying phone changes.

Language Skills

Delta WhatsApp supports multiple languages, so that users can enjoy its great features in their native language.

Custom chats and notifications

Not only can you change the incremental WhatsApp icon, but you can also customize the notification easily. You can change the style of WhatsApp incremental notification bar, add chat bubbles, and modify the communication line accordingly.


Tired of the default look of WhatsApp? Personalization is one of the main reasons for the popularity of mods like GBWhatsApp among WhatsApp users.

Trigger icon. You can change the app launcher icon to suit your personality and preferences. Choose one of more than 35 icons.
Unbelievably amazing themes. Get rid of this simple and old boring look! This mode provides you with several features for you to choose from. You can choose a translucent, muted, or light look.
Tired of fonts with this official font? Replace the boring font with other fonts available on the device.
Stickers. If you like to use stickers when chatting with your contacts, you will love GBWhatsApp DELTA. You can use any sticker app in this unit.


Due to threats such as malware and hackers, some users look for other security features when searching for applications. If you are one of these users, then this mode is definitely for you:

Hide internet connection status. Don’t want anyone to know that you are online? This mode allows you to hide your online status, especially when you don’t want to be bombarded by news.
Hide the blue tick. Usually, the blue tick in WhatsApp means that you have read the contact’s message. Sometimes, we open the message by mistake and keep it visible, which can cause poor communication. GBWhatsApp DELTA allows you to hide the blue tick, so you are not pressured to respond immediately.
Hide writing notifications. Have you ever tried to think about responses? We are sure that you will be bothered by written notifications when you are late. This mode allows you to hide writing notifications so that you have enough time to write a perfect reply.
Hide recording notifications. Hide the recording notification to reduce the difficulty of the registration process.
No calls are allowed. This is one of the privacy features of this mode. This feature allows you to block incoming calls from selected contacts. In addition, you can also delete incoming call notifications from blocked contacts.
Do not disturb mode. Trying to prevent yourself from being distracted? With just a few clicks, you can find the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the security settings.
Built-in lock. Do you want to protect your information from prying eyes? Using this function, you can lock and unlock applications with a specified password.

Installation Guide

Before installing the APK on a mobile device, you must ensure that you have indeed backed up your messages and files. The reason behind this is often that you simply got to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp before you’ll install this mod.
Failure to back up your messages and files will permanently delete them.

We have written the following steps on how to download and install the mod on your device:

Before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp, please back up your messages and media files.Please follow the steps below to duplicate your files:

Open WhatsApp and click on the menu
Click Settings
Click to chat
Click chat backup
Click the backup button, which will be saved to cloud storage
Enable “Unknown Sources” when prompted by the installer. Below are instructions for enabling this option on mobile devices:
Go to settings
Click Security
Enable “Unknown Sources”
Access the download file or file manager that is most likely to find the APK file
Click on the APK file
Click the “Install” button. Installation may take a few seconds
Click the “Open” button to start the operation, or click the “Finish” button to end the installation
Open newly installed app
After launching, click “Agree and Continue”
Enter your phone number and click “Copy WhatsApp data”
If you follow all the instructions above, you have successfully backed up your account. Click the restore button.

Is GBWhatsApp Harmful?

Some users believe that DELTA mod may bring harmful elements, such as viruses and malware. But this is not the case. GBWhatsApp DELTA is completely safe because it is purely for aesthetic purposes. Before downloading, you must make sure to download it from a safe source (such as WhatsMod).

You can try the following other modifications: WhatsApp B58 MiNi, WhatsApp Mix, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Plus Hollo, WhatsApp Plus Reborn.


DELTA-GB or Delta GB WhatsApp may be a modified WhatsApp application.
The apk file is based on latest GB WhatsApp version.

They have also developed many other popular WhatsApp applications.

The app is not available on the Play Store because Google does not allow the modified app to be used in the Play Store. Therefore, you can download DELTA-GB WhatsApp from our website. We have the latest official version of the mod app. Read information about other mods: Soula WhatsApp, WAPWhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, GioWhatsApp and WAMOD


What is the difference between GB WhatsApp and Delta WhatsApp?

In fact, incremental WhatsApp is nothing special, it is just a modified version of GB WhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp, some necessary features were introduced and then it was called Delta WhatsApp

Is it possible to block the account?

There are fewer chances to ban an account, as this is one of the known features of Incremental WhatsApp.

Can Delta WhatsApp change the phone’s interface?

Although it is a third-party app and is considered illegal by the official WhatsApp developers, it never interferes with the operation of the phone. You can use any other application on your phone and you will not encounter any changes created by Delta WhatsApp.

What are the minimum requirements to run Delta WhatsApp on Android?

If your OS is at least Android 2.2, you can run Delta WhatsApp.

Can I use Delta WhatsApp custom fonts?

Delta WhatsApp provides a variety of font sizes and styles, which you can change easily.

Is it same as GBWhatsapp?

Yes, Delta GB WhatsApp has the same functions as GBWA. The reason is that it is based on GBWA. However, Delta GB WA has more custom features with unique user interface.

Does GBWA Delta collect data from you?

No, the developers of this app will not collect any data from any user.

What if your account is banned?

There are fewer chances to block accounts. However, we or the developer are not responsible for blocking the account. We recommend this Mod app as a secondary number, not for official purposes.

Is GB WhatsApp Delta legal to use?

According to the official WhatsApp team, every mod is illegal. They are not allowed to modify the app due to privacy issues. However, GB-DELTA is still blocked certificate with regular release updates.

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