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Download Taiz WhatsApp 2021 Latest Update of TA WhatsApp Apk


Download Taiz WhatsApp 2021 Latest Update of TA WhatsApp Apk

Since the official version of WhatsApp does not have many features that users want, such as hiding internet status and saving your friends’ status, recently WhatsApp Plus has been famous for having these features. And enjoy it.

What Is Taiz WhatsApp?

Developer Noureddine Taiz has developed two modified versions of WhatsApp Plus which are Pink Taiz WhatsApp and Blue Taiz WhatsApp. In these two versions you can customize the interface and have more control over privacy, used alongside the original WhatsApp.

Update TA WhatsApp

You can get the latest Taiz WhatsApp update through the button above, but please make sure you have the same version installed on your phone, if you download the wrong version, your chat history will be lost.

How Do I Know There Is a New Update?

From the application, you can see if there is a new update, from the three vertical dots, select Noor additions and go to Updates, then click Check for new update, and it will appear if there is a new update.

New additions in Taiz WhatsApp v15

Add an option to turn off automatic media download.
New interface.
Added option to completely remove “Read more …” and display long messages
New shapes and new bubbles for Instagram status.
The appearance of the floating button has been revamped, and the button can be hidden and displayed.
The number of characters in the story increased to more than 700.

TAWhatsApp Top Features

Unique Interface

The main interface in AR WhatsApp differs from the original WhatsApp, you will notice:

Floating button, where you can access contacts and settings.
Dark mode.
Turn off internet from WhatsApp.
Lock WhatsApp by clicking on Taiz WhatsApp.8.

Privacy Features

Hide your connection status and see it last time.
Hide “message forwarding”.
Prevent deleting messages and status.
Hide the blue tick, the second tick, “type” and “sign”.
Choose the person you want to call.

Send Unlimited Images

In original WhatsApp, you can only send 30 photos at a time, but in TAWhatsApp, you can send 90 photos at a time, you can activate this option from Add >> Settings >> Unlimited Photo Sharing.

Schedule Messages and Auto Reply

Even if you are not online, you can plan to send messages to anyone in the future, and you can also create automatic replies to send to your contacts when you are busy.

Customize Interfaces

You can customize the chat interface in any way you want, by changing the font type, icon color and style, then do the following in the “Advanced Settings”:

Main interface: Hide any icons you want, then move the column down.
Chat: Change the bubble color and the background color.
Widget: Control Whatsapp notifications.

TAWhatsApp Status

You can control your condition with a variety of options. You can also choose to save the status of your contacts, hide any status you see, and copy any text status.

Other Features

Activate the VPN proxy.
Download hundreds of themes.
Send the message to an unsaved number.
Control WhatsApp notifications.
Alternate mail.
Disable automatic media upload.


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