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Download SAWhatsApp latest version apk 2021 for android

Download SAWhatsApp latest version apk 2021 for android

WhatsApp is a well-known application for texting and calling, but even though WhatsApp is very popular among users, they still encounter some problems and are not completely satisfied with it, so they replaced it with the WhatsApp Plus version, Because it has other functions. Features they like. One of these WhatsApp Plus versions is the new version of SAWhatsApp 2021. Download SA WhatsApp to enjoy a better version of WhatsApp.

What is SA WhatsApp Plus ?

Developer Saif Al-Khumri has developed two versions of WhatsApp Plus, the first is Golden SAWhatsApp and the other is Pink SAWhatsApp. Both versions are used with the official WhatsApp to run the second and The third number, the developer has added features to control privacy, interface, notifications and other features that are not officially available on WhatsApp.

What’s New in SAWhatsApp 3.90?

Have a conference call with 8 people.
Activate all the functions present in the original WhatsApp.
Send the message to an unsaved number.
The crash problem has been fixed.

SAWhatsApp Top Features

SAWhatsApp is Very Light

In terms of size, the WhatsApp Saif version is one of the smallest versions of WhatsApp Plus because it is only 33 MB in size and also violates the prohibition.

Group Calls with 8 People

After updating SAWhatsApp to the latest version 2021, you will be able to make voice calls with 8 people, which is not available in the official WhatsApp.

Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers

In the official WhatsApp, you need to save the number in your contacts so that you can send a message to them, but in SA WhatsApp, you can send a message to an unsaved number by clicking on the chat, and then entering the number and message.

Privacy Settings

You can hide your online status and last view time.
Hide “Message Forwarding”.
Hide the status of friends you see.
Prevent deletion of messages and status.
Hide the blue tick, the second tick, “type” and “record”.

Turn off Internet

You can only turn off the internet from SAWhatsApp, so no one can bother you in WhatsApp.

Sharing Media

In WhatsApp, you can send 30 images at a time, but in SA WhatsApp, you can send 100 images at a time to activate this function: from the three vertical dots, go to SA MODS and then to Media Settings .

Delete WhatsApp Cache

You can choose to delete the WhatsApp cache, and since it slows down the device, it needs to be cleaned up regularly.

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