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Download Adam WhatsApp latest version 2021 brown and black edition 20

Download Adam WhatsApp latest version 2021 brown and black edition 20

Download the latest version of Adam WhatsApp to enjoy the features provided by the app, hide its online status, save your friend’s status, and many other features that we will discuss in this article.
Adam WhatsApp Apk 2021 provides two different versions in black and brown. It has many amazing features that not many know about. In this article, we will explain the complete process for downloading the current version for Android phones. You can also use the old version of the app v11.1 and v16, but the new version will always download.

What is Adam WhatsApp?

It is a modified version of the official WhatsApp that was made by Arab developers to include features not available on WhatsApp. This version offers many additional features and is very popular with users. Please note that the version we are talking about here is brown instead of brown. the black.

Basic Overview of Adam WhatsApp:

Adam WhatsApp is a customized version of regular WhatsApp, allowing users to customize the app according to their interests. It was developed by the Arab developer Abu Arab. People in Rwanda, Libya and Morocco often use this app. The app’s total monthly search volume is nearly seven thousand. The application does not have an official website.

Top Features:

This is a list of all the advantages of Adam2 WhatsApp.

Options to clean up unwanted data
You can delete the sent messages at any time
The application displays prayer times in your area
Islamic prayers and hadiths
With Adam 2 WhatsApp in brown and black, you can set up a scheduled message to be sent later
To read long messages, users can disable the “Read more” option.
You can choose to select group members
If someone tagged them in the group, the user would be notified
The most important feature I like is that the developer has added “Quran” to the application, you can easily read the “Quran” anytime and anywhere.
You can use different color effects
Various icons on each page provide quick access to the desired portion of the application
Fast emotional text and automatic responses to a suggestion
You can apply multiple Arabic fonts to the text
Choose to increase or decrease the font size
User can change font color
Red and purple copies have been added
Option to enable or disable transparent mode
User can lower brightness and enable night mode to reduce damage to eyes
You can minimize and maximize the application while using other applications
Choose to set different lock modes in separate chats and on the home screen
The application provides the function of customizing the settings, you can add me to the group
The default colors are black and brown
You don’t need to install any third-party VPN proxy. There is a built-in vpn proxy
Separate chat screen
Privacy and security features
The amazing emojis make the conversation more meaningful
You can hide multimedia in Gallery
All the popular features of Whatsapp app are included in Adam WhatsApp
There are no pop-up ads in the app


Save WhatsApp status.
Hide WhatsApp status display.
Run multiple WhatsApp on the same phone.
Hide connection status, last seen.
Hide conversation in chat.
Lock WhatsApp with pins, patterns or fingerprints.
Just turn off internet for whatsapp Adam.
Deleting messages from friends is prohibited.

Advantages of Adam WhatsApp Plus

You might be wondering what is different between Adam WhatsApp and the other versions of whatsapp plus. Here we answer your questions about the following points. We found that WhatsApp Adam has features that are not always available in other versions

Developers are tracking updates of the official release.
The app is stable and won’t crash.
Solve installation problems.
Change the emoji style for whatsapp, you can change it to be similar to iPhone or Facebook emoji.
Supports various Arabic fonts.
Hide multimedia in gallery.
There is a section in the Qur’an.

Disadvantages of Adam WhatsApp

After mentioning the advantages of the app, it is fair to tell the users about the flaws that we found after using the app, so that you can choose to download it or choose another version of whatsapp plus.

Compared to other versions of whatsapp plus, the app size is very quiet, and this is because the developer added many other features, causing the app size to be larger than usual.
There is a section called “WhatsApp User Changes” that is not working.
Annoying popup messages from developers.

Adam WhatsApp For iOS and Windows:

If you have an iPhone and want to install the app on your iPhone, you must install other versions of the app, such as OB2 WhatsApp and Hawa WhatsApp, because Adam2 WhatsApp is not compatible with iOS.

Method to Update:

If you are using an old version of the app and this will cause problems, please uninstall the old version first. Now, you have to download the current Apk file to update the app. If you are having trouble updating the app, you can leave a comment below and we will try to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

Complete Installation Guide

This is how to download and install Adam WhatsApp on your Android device.

Uninstall official WhatsApp
Enable allowed apps from unknown sources
Download the new Adam WhatsApp Apk file
Install the apk file
Fill in the required fields
Complete the registration process

Is Adam WhatsApp Alternative to Official WhatsApp?

You can use Adam WhatsApp instead of the official whatsapp app, but you can also use these two apps on the same phone, keeping in mind that each app requires a different phone number.

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